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New York Standards Quartet, Colston Hall, April 11

April 17, 2012

Another cracking gig from visiting Americans. The review from Oxford cited in the previous post proved a good guide – they play old tunes, “distorted, but with respect” as Lol Coxhill always used to say – although you need good jazz ears to know which tune it is with these guys. Fellow blogger Mike Collins was blown away by the Bristol gig. John Fordham was there too, for the first set, and also rated it highly.

We enjoyed it too, though there was a bit of a problem with volume in the middle part of the hall – below the discomfort threshold, but only just. The same was true at the Damon Brown gig a little while back – seems to be policy at Colston to mike up the drums and then crank up everything else to “balance” them. Not nice, and a shame when the music is so finely detailed. For me, that detail comes across better on the band’s new CD…

Off on a trip so haven’t looked up what’s on this week. But two jazz-with-string-players gigs coming up shortly at St George’s in successive weeks – Neil Cowley and Dave Stapleton, the latter with Marius Neset, so plenty to look forward to.


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