Gig of the week – June Tabor

Seems like another quietish jazz week, in a run of such weeks. Never mind – London Jazz Festival begins soon, and I’ll be doing some reviewage for LondonJazz. Meantime, off to catch the great voice of June Tabor at St George’s tonight – a sell-out, I’d imagine. This hot on the heels of another non-jazz night there on Sunday to hear the Aurora Ensemble (tremendously good) play music on a programme spiced up with some theatrics and impenetrable narration from Peter Straub for Halloween (not so good). Another LondonJazz reviewer of my acquaintance captures the experience accurately here.

Oh, it’s actual jazz you want? Then get down to the Be-Bop club in Hotwells on Friday. Four familiar musicians, in a new combination. Always nice when that happens. You sort of know what to expect, but there is the possibility of interesting surprises, too. Looking forward to it in their now very nice room at the Bear.

Andy Hague’s blurb for that one pasted below…

Four-Sided Triangle – This new project from Kevin Figes is a groove and rock based outfit featuring original compositions, a few tricky time signatures and the odd cover, with the low rumbling keys of Fender Rhodes piano taking over the bass role. Jazz/rock/pop with some great soloists and infectious grooves. Kevin Figes – alto and baritone saxes, Jerry Crozier-Cole – guitar, Dan Moore – Rhodes piano and Mark Whitlam – drums. Be there or be square!

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