Gig of the week – Jim Blomfield, Beb-bop club, 30 Sep

Last week’s gig of the week lived up to the billing, with Loz Speyer and co working well in that exposed space where bebop is turning into something freer. Great underpinning from bass and drums, so crucial in that context, and especially from Ollie Brice. I don’t know how these musicians got together as some are locals, and trumpeter Speyer is not, but they seemed to play very naturally together. I declare the tiniest interest, as Loz’s brother just got wed to one of our oldest friends, and he played at the reception too…  but the packed audience included both Mike Collins and Tony Benjamin, who have both written it up and confirm it was a great evening.

And back to the Be-bop club this week? Well, we’re torn because Paul Lewis is playing Schubert at St Georges on Friday , which seems kind of compulsory. But if we were after jazz it would definitely be Jim Blomfield’s piano trio down in Hotwells the same evening. He’s local but finally getting a bit more national attention, a player who, as a writer puts it in the latest issue of Jazz UK “often packs more into a solo than seems wholly decent”. Just so.

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