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Brecon Jazz Festival, Aug 14

August 20, 2011

Had a day’s worth of Brecon this year, and impressions of Sunday are posted on LondonJazz (thanks, Seb). The whole festival has had plenty of coverage, especially Phronesis’ gig in the dark, which we missed. Looking forward to their appearance in Bristol in the Autumn, as well as Jasper Hoiby visiting with Marius Neset on Sep 4.

Might take a more leisurely approach next time, though. Lots of stuff that was missed (some on the day we went) which would have been good to hear. I see the estimable Tony Benjamin in suggesting the “official” festival might be relocated – to Hay, perhaps? – but this may be because he doesn’t care for camping. True, Brecon doesn’t have enough decent places to stay to accommodate a festival this size, but Bristol each way twice might be feasible. Or one could stay in Abergavenny and be back and forth in half an hour, so I reckon the present, agreeably atmospheric location is fine. It is turning into a fine, wide-ranging showcase for contemporary British and European jazz. Here’s to next year.

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