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Gig of the week – Asif Sirkis trio

May 2, 2011

Not sampled these guys but heard, as they say, good reports. And Sirkis is superb. They’re at Future Inns (soon to close – boo!) on Sunday 8 May.

Here’s the blurb from the club programme –

Sunday 8 May   Jazz    £12/£10
Tassos Spiliotopoulos (Guitars), Yaron Stavi (Bass), Asaf Sirkis (Drums)
For those only familiar with Asaf Sirkis in his pivotal role 
as drummer for agit-prop multi-reedsman Gilad Atzmon’s Orient House Ensemble 
or for that matter his contribution to bands such as Tim
Garland’s Lighthouse Trio, Nicolas Meier Group his own Inner Noise group 
or the John Law trio, the music here should come as quite a surprise.

The sound, though reminiscent of the riffs and note frenzies of a Lifetime 
or the Mahavishnu Orchestra, this is a gentler, dreamier take on the sub-genre 
by a band that wears its undoubted virtuoso skills lightly.

The young London-based Greek guitarist Tassos Spiliotopoulos takes his cues from 
the more ambient side of Allan Holdsworth and early Pat Metheny. 
His ringing chorus-effected single note combinations hang expectantly in the air, 
and suggest a more direct rock music influence, a Goth like sound that could have 
come from a number of eighties post-new wave-era rock bands.  Sirkis’ original 
themes similarly have dark, dreamy melodies and develop in a way they didn’t on 
The Monk his  previous album from 2008, generating more opportunities for 
band interaction than previously.

Alongside bassist Yaron Stavi, another Israeli expat who’s the other half of 
Gilad Atzmon’s rhythm section, Sirkis’ magnificent presence is always tempered 
by an acute sensitivity to group principles.

Asaf’s CV also includes luminaries such as John Williams, Phil Robson, Julian Seigal,
Dan Stern, as well as a current project trio with guitarist Larry Coryell and 
bass player Jeff Berlin.

This trio is hard hitting and groove orientated and promises to stretch the music 
where it will go.
“Sirkis is not only an inventive drummer but also a composer of rigour, 
wit and surprisingdelicacy” Chris Ingham, Mojo Magazine
“…some really interesting young players to watch are Mark Guiliana from Avishai Cohen's
group in the USA, and Martin France and Asaf Sirkis in the UK.” Bill Bruford

Lots more on his website, including reviews and sounds -
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