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Gig of the week – April 18th – KIT DOWNES

April 18, 2011

A small departure. Let me explain. I’ve not been tempted to do previews before. The blog started simply for me to record concerts I’d heard and appreciated, for my future reference. Lately, though, some of those have had pretty small audiences (always a risk with jazz, but seems to happening more, maybe.) Combine that with the imminent repackaging of Venue magazine, and its disappearance as a news-stand weekly, and perhaps a quick notice of what’s coming is worthwhile. The number of visitors here is small, but then so is the jazz constituency…    I won’t try and do a run-down of the week: too time-consuming. But I will highlight one Bristol jazz date to look out for each Monday from now on. Any encouragement in the comments would be welcome.

So, to begin. There’s an interesting outfit called the Magic Hat Ensemble at the Bebop club on Friday,  who certainly sound worth sampling, and Jim Blomfield has a welcome piano trio gig at Future Inns on Sunday.

In between, though, there’s the enticing prospect of Kit Downes’ new sextet at Colston Hall on Saturday 23rd. His recent CD launch was pretty fab, according to the wise ears of LondonJazz  and I can confirm from a brief sample at the London Jazz Festival freestage and now from listening to the recording that Downes’ augmented trio is moving in a fascinating direction. Can’t wait to hear them live again. Here’s hoping for a better turnout than the hall attracted for the fantastic Storms/Nocturnes gig the other week.

Kit Downes Sextet, Colston Hall (in hall 2), April 23, 8.00

The hall’s own rather half-hearted promo is here,

More usefully, you can listen to some of their music here


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