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John Etheridge’s Sweet Chorus, Future Inn Cabot Circus, Nov 28

December 2, 2010

An enjoyable evening, first and foremost. The detail is covered nicely by Ian Mann’s review. Interesting that this was from a Welsh gig the night before, and everything sounds identical to what we heard in Bristol – same tunes, same order, same solo electric interlude followed by duo to start the second set.

I assume the solos were different, at least – and both the front liners are fantastic musicians of course. Great to hear Christian Garrick’s violin on a club stage. The tightly organised feel of the whole thing, reinforced  by the realisation of the standard set list, just underlines what a professional Etheridge is, I think. He’s a bit of a musical chameleon, to the extent that many people are probably a bit unclear about where his heart really lies. Our last two sightings were with his Zappa repertory band The Zappatistas – equally entertaining – and with his fine trio with uber-bassist Arild Anderson and John Marshall on drums. The truth is though, that his heart is in whatever he is playing at the time. Seems to have kept him going – he reminded us that he’s been doing this for forty years, and his playing sounds remarkably fresh even when the material has been around since the 1930s as in the Hot Club tunes tonight.

And Bobby Wellins down at Cabot this Sunday, who has been doing what he does even longer, to equally good effect…

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