Myshkin, Prom, Sep 20

Ah, the joys of Bristol…

To the Prom – all the way round the corner from home – to catch one of the evidently inexhaustible supply of singer-songwriters eager to help us pass an evening with their good work. Had not heard of her – she’s based in Oregon and has just taken two years off the road, but she has quite a rep. And we would hear why. Even without her band, and on a quiet night (it was Monday) she was a cut above the normal run of such performers. A gorgeous voice, more than competent guitarist, and vast repertoire. Many of them are her own songs, and they were compellingly good. They are often political, usually wry, frequently downbeat, but all impressively well wrought. There may be a lot of singer-songwriters, but this combination of quality in both singing and writing is rare. She really inhabits the songs. Left wondering why Madeleine Peyroux (say) is a star, while someone like this works under the radar – I have no idea, but I’m very glad she came by. Bought an old (excellent) CD. Hope she visits again, but I suspect it will be some time…

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