Summer hols round up

Not much in the way of sit down and pay attention gigs in the last month, but a few nice things here and there.

A particularly pleasant half evening in Tenby’s Cafe Vista, listening to a lively squeezebox player with guitarist accompaniment. Don’t recall the names. Didn’t know most of the tunes they played. But a nice surprise in a small town on a Wednesday summer’s night.

One set at the Old Duke Jazz festival in Bristol last weekend (out of town for the rest) from Kevin Figes and Mike Willox. Good crowd-pleasing stuff, with old tunes from Adderley, The Messengers, and Mingus given a good workout, and lots of bone-shaking baritone as well as alto from Figes. A band to see again.

Finally, the excellent Jim Reynolds on Sep 2 at the Prom. He’s a veteran singer, songwriter and guitar player with a nice delivery – not the strongest voice in the world but a nimble instrumentalist and puts the songs across with real care and conviction. An especially tasty version of John Prine’s classic Sam Stone was the highlight in a selection of mostly fairly wry or plan downbeat material, but he writes a good song of his own, too. Yet another for the list of gifted regional performers to look out for.

Back to Cabot Circus for what feels like the first of the Autumn season tonight (they ran through the Summer, but we missed most of the dates). There is a danger this blog will turn into a Jazz at Future Inns Blog for a while, as the programming for the next three months looks extraordinarily good – there is a whole string of really compelling people coming up including John Paricelli, Kit Downes, Jasper Hoiby’s Phronesis, Robert Mitchell, and on and on. With the Be-bop club about to get going again and some nice things in the calendar at St george’s and Colston Hall the last third of 2010 looks pretty promising from here…

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