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Double Trouble Guitars – Be-bop Club, March 19

March 21, 2010

A completely different guitar fest from last week’s Niebla gig. In the week when somebody’s national stats showed Bristol really does have more musicians per head than anywhere else in the country, here was a bunch of five pretty good ones. The idea was to build a set round the two guitars of Jerry Crozier-Cole and Andy Christie, and they set the bar high with tunes from the likes of  Metheny and Scofield. It worked, too, with Crozier-Cole more Metheny like, Christie (with the rock and roll hairstyle) more Sco-like, and the two blending together as if they have been doing it for years. Occasional contributions from Tommy Barlow on alto on the funkier tunes kept things moving along nicely, and the meticulously detailed, whipcrack drumming of Danny Cox was a marvel. Will certainly be looking out for him again. He makes the technical complexity of some of the more adventurous beats look a breeze, and has plenty of jazz feel when called for on the looser numbers.

We only stuck around for the first set – tired Friday – which was a shame as the audience was, er, not huge down at the Bear. But the long first set was so enjoyable we went home well content. Crozier-Cole, in particular, is a superb player and has joined a personal list of Brit guitarists it would be worth going out of one’s way to hear again. As he’s a local, that shouldn’t be too hard.

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