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Chop House Allstars, Future Inns Jazz Club – Feb 26

March 5, 2010

Sheesh, a week ago already – this paid work sure is time-consuming. So a belated note to record that this is an undemanding Friday evening choice. On nights when the much used air and bleary, beery walls of the Be-Bop club seem unenticing, you can get a dose of de blooz (that’s the Avon Delta blooz) down at Cabot circus.

(Not quite like this…)

Once they get going, this bunch of guitar players, with bassist and singer (no drums tonight) are pretty good. They are true to their regal inspirations – Albert King,  B.B. King, Freddie King… and Burger King, as they say. So they don’t take themselves too seriously, but do take the music seriously, as they should. Goes down nicely with a pint or two. Close your eyes and you might be in blues county, USA, or more likely at the Prom…  If I need a bit more stimulation or surprise, I’ll still be heading for the Be-bop club, but for weeks when getting down there on a Friday seems too much trouble, that is when one is feeling pretty used up, but gettin’ down gently is still on the agenda, this will do nicely. I know that sounds like faint praise, but I was actually in the mood to enjoy just what this lot offered, and I did. Nice work.

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