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St George’s fare

November 11, 2009

A preview of St George’s New Year schedule tonight, from the very nice director (who knows nothing of jazz, but enthuses dutifully). Their little season is billed as jazz (Not Jazz) – you know, testing the boundaries and all that – which offers a childish temptation I won’t resist…

We have:

Resonation Big Band (Jan 8). Bristol’s finest, and definitely jazz, even if some of their stuff is based on Messiaen.

Nostalgia 77/Jeb Loy Nichols/Twelves Trio (Jan 14).  That’s harder…  some jass noises going on, but all mixed up with beats and computers and stuff. Lots of Riaan Vosloo on bass, though.

Nils Petter Molvaer (Feb 18) This is ECM “zen funk” apparently, though the trumpet is pretty special, I think.

Nik Bartsch’s Ronin (March 11). Fashionably, meticulously assembled and layered funk. So not jazz then (or not when I last heard them).

Dan Bergland’s Tonbruket. (April 1). New project from the bass player with the prematurely silenced EST – who failed to catch my ear after EST Plays Monk but everyone else seemed to like a lot. Don’t know what he’ll do, but I guess it will be (Euro)jazz.

Art of Sound Trio. (April 22). John Law’s piano trio. Who I’ve never heard, but jazz by all accounts. Looking forward to that one.

Portico Quartet. (May 27). Not jazz, by any stretch…  But somewhat popular just now. As John Fordham put it, rather tactfully, “the occasional guest appearance from a really resourceful improviser might open a new window for them in the longer run.”  Um, yes. Like make it vaguely interesting to listen to them for more than five seconds.

I’ll turn out for all the others, though, if poss.

LOTS of other nice things in the programme too, natch.

Not to mention Thomasz Stanko tomorrow night, who is completely brilliant live on past form.

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  1. phil johnson permalink
    November 13, 2009 10:40 pm

    hi jon

    thanks for your comments on JNJ,and I hope you enjoyed stanko, who I thought was on blinding form.

    do feel free to send ideas and recommendations to me (as st g’s programmer) as they’d be very gratefully received

    of course one is limited by who is available/touring; you have to get 150 or so or it doesn’t work, and a theme helps in marketing the series and in trying to avoid total randomness….

    portico, who I thought were great at the old vic, are a late replacement for what was meant to be brad mehldau solo (and bad plus was originally meant to be brad/josh redman, then josh trio) so it’s always a compromise. But nils petter is pushing the boat out and should be amazing, and it’s nice to find a space for john law.

    i also commend jeb loy’s jazz album ‘strange faith and practice’ to you, tho it’s as folk/country as jazz.

    off to see sonny r tomorrow – now that’s what I call jazz!



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