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Mike Collins Trio, Prom, Sep 28

October 2, 2009

In a slightly difficult position on this one. The piano player also blogs about jazz in this neck of the woods, but from a musicianly point of view. So who am I to comment on his efforts? Although, having made a living from writing off and on for three decades, I am not shy about having an opinion, I do think one ought to be wary of non-players’ opinions about music. Add to that feeling a tinge of envy for people who can actually do it, and a darker shade, always in my head somewhere, that if I haven’t exactly wasted my life, a life in which one does not make music is in fact wasted…

Well, put that feeling back in its box, along with the continuing puzzle of why humans love music who cannot produce it. This was a pleasant and involving evening’s music-making to listen to. An electric piano tuned to sound as near to acoustic as possible, which always seems second best but avoids relying on dodgy instruments I guess. A player who, I would say, has a particular ear for a melody – both the choice of pieces (Jarrett, Shorter) and the way they are delivered. The treatment is thoughtful, never flashy, and thoroughly absorbing, the support from regular drummer and depping bass player unfailingly sympathetic. And, to allow another small outbreak of wistfulness, it did make it look a lot of  fun to make music – certainly more fun than to write about it. Thanks Mike (no, really).


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