Jim Hart’s Indigo – South Bank

In London yet again, and more free stuff in the Queen Elizabeth Hall’s nice foyer space known as the front room – thronging with young participants in a dance competition which was a tad distracting.

They’ve had strong programming for years, and it goes on. First sight of young vibes hotshot Jim Hart, and an adventurous (in an Andrew Hill era Blue note or Dave Holland Quintet kind of way) quartet. A little choppy and uninviting on the surface at first – no concessions to the casual commuter crowd here – this got more involving as it went on, with no break in a 90 minute set. Also benefitted from being close up and getting into the interaction more, especially to appreciate bass ace Jasper Holby. Wished I hadn’t sat further away for so long, but those speakers did look very big at first glance. Not sure I’ll be grabbing their CDs, but would certainly go and hear these guys play again.

Seasonal lull continues in Bristol, but quite like the idea of Pee Wee Ellis and Clare Teal at Jesters (soon to be Metropolis) on Sunday…   Or should it be Womad for the day?  Also quite excited to hear that Partisans are playing a one off at the Coronation Tap next Tuesday. Should be a great place to hear them, though I really think they deserve a bigger venue. I do have their enticing new CD on order, but Babel seem better at taking payment than actually delivering. Damn.

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