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Cousin Mary, The Prom, January 19

January 21, 2009

Just dropped by for a chunk of the second set (45 mins/one glass of wine). No idea who these guys are, but quite a neat quartet, with a nice repertoire (e.g. Steve Swallow’s Falling Grace). Guitar and bass particularly tasty. Named after the Coltrane theme, I suppose, though not obvious why as they don’t really go there…  Consistent with many previous sightings at the place, which seems to feature the oldest average age of players of any venue I’ve known. Which is fine, of course. Why James Moody’s up for a Grammy and he’s 83!

The Prom always puts jazz on a Monday, when the crowd is exceeding small (or is it the other way round?). A comfy and atmospheric venue, though (rare combination), with something going on every night, mostly for free. I love it that there’s a place just down the street from my house where this kind of thing goes on…   Be nice – for me – to see them break out of their Rock and roll/Americana stuff on other nights every now and again. Come to think of it, Cousin Mary sounds more like the kind of band you find there Weds or Thursdays, with mabye a fiddle and banjo…

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